CYS Report is a Cybersecurity News Aggregator site.  I created this website to make it simple to find out what is happening in cybersecurity from across the internet.  I want to keep up with the latest infosec and hacker news without having to be inundated with unrelated tweets on twitter.  I hope you feel the same, and will visit CYS Report again.

Why CYS Report?  

Finding the latest threat news can be daunting.  Twitter is a great resource, but even twitter gets overloaded with ads and irrelevant tweets that make it difficult to get the threat news in a timely and concise manner.  My solution was to create a Cybersecurity News Aggregator and Curator site that can be used to quickly and easily find out the latest happenings in cybersecurity from around the web.  Have 10 minutes?  My 10 minute week in review (sometimes month in review) podcast quickly goes over the latest threats in cybersecurity.

About the Editor

The editor, Debra Baker “@deb_infosec”, is a cybersecurity expert with 20 years experience in cybersecurity.  She also is working with Johns Hopkins University on a cryptographic knowledge base for best practices.  The main purpose of the cryptographic knowledge will be to impart to industry in an easy to understand manner what cryptographic key sizes and algorithms should be used.  It will be a great resource for IT and Cybersecurity personnel.  Debra’s blog is at https://debinfosec.com and you can follow Debra on twitter .